The China-Australia Heritage Corridor

The Institute for Culture and Society is conducting a project to research the cultural heritage of Chinese migration to Australia in the 19th and 20th centuries (funded by the Australia Research Council, Discovery Project DP170101200). 

The Research Team

The research project is based at the Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University

Associate Professor Denis Byrne

Denis is Associate Professor at the Institute for Culture and Society specialising in heritage studies. Previously he was manager of cultural heritage research at the Office of Environment and Heritage NSW.

Professor Ien Ang

Distinguished Professor of Cultural Studies at the Institute for Culture and Society. Ien is an international leader in cultural studies focusing on patterns of cultural flow and exchange in our globalised world. 

Dr Michael Williams

Adjunct Research Fellow at the Institute for Culture and Society. Michael is an historian of the Chinese diaspora and a founding member of the Chinese Australian Historical Society. 

Dr Alexandra Wong

Research Fellow at the Institute for Culture and Society. Alexandra is of Cantonese descent, has expertise in the study of culture, urbanism and migration. 

Mr Christopher Cheng

Doctoral candidate at the Institute for Cultural and Society. Christopher's dissertation is about translocal built environment of Chinese emigration from the Pearl River Delta to Australia

If you have any questions please contact Dr Alexandra Wong via email.

[email protected]
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