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We are exploring the heritage connections between Australia and Zhongshan Prefecture, Guangdong. Beginning in the mid-1800s, thousands of people (mostly male), migrated from the villages of Zhongshan to various locations in Australia. We are recording the houses, schools, ancestral halls built in their villages with money sent back from Australia and linking these to places in Australia which Zhongshan folk created, including houses, shops, and market gardens. These buildings, and the migration stories that bring them to life, illustrates the history of connectivity Australia has with southern China. 

On this website, we feature a selection of 'People' and 'Places' to demonstrate these connections. If you want to find out more migration stories or heritage places, you may search our Heurist database.

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Heritage Connections

The experience of migration has linked together particular places in Zhongshan and Australia. Explore some of these connections.


Discover the stories of some of those who have migrated from Zhongshan to Australia.



Explore migration-related heritage places in Zhongshan and Australia.


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